Tuesday, January 3, 2012


(image by Julian Raßmann )

Há sempre uma tempestade 
dentro de mim,
com raios e trovões 
e água por todos os lados,
mas é no silêncio 
que eu perco o que 
realmente importa.

There is always a storm going on inside me.
There is thunder and lightning and flood,
but it is in silence I lose what really matters.

Kenia Cris


  1. Lucas, definitivamente piora meu fauno. Acho que preciso de um beijo pra dormir. Muitas coisas que eu amava se perderam no ano passado.

    Beijoca querido.

  2. Your words strike a very raw spot with me, Kenia. It is the season of storms here, and one of our matriculant students was struck by lightning on New Year's Eve. The power of nature and human emotion should never be under-estimated.

  3. The image and your words are great. The picture reminds me that there is no bad weather for photography. (Could as well be a painting.)

    Unfortunately silence explains nothing. It simply is, reflects our own screaming thoughts and absorbs them at the same time.

  4. Oh, how I can relate to this.
    The storm raging inside.
    And in silence we lose what really matters.
    That can be a bad thing or a good thing, don't you think?
    We can lose heart, but we can also lose fear.

  5. always in silence we lose things, when there's nothing to distract us from doing so - nicely put!

  6. E o silêncio
    é terreno fértil para achados


  7. Excellent yet soft contrast between the storm and silence, and the feelings each evoke. Lovely poem.

  8. nice....def like that it is not the storm that does the most but the silence that comes after...i dont like that kind of silence....

  9. Oh..that silence. I know what you mean...after raging in the storm ...Lovely poem, indeed

  10. Silence at the wrong time can indeed be destructive. Love this piece!

  11. i love what you do and the way you do it...brilliant ;)

  12. Olá...

    Fico feliz quando encontro blogs com um ótimo conteúdo. Bela poesia... daquelas quem em poucas palavras te levam a refletir...

    Favoritei e virei leitor...
    Blog Palavras ao vento: www.igordanielcp.blogspot.com

  13. Nice work. Deserving of appreciation. Thanks.


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