Sunday, July 29, 2012


(image by Alaisyn)

Foi em algum lugar
entre o primeiro raio de sol
invadindo o quarto
e a escovação 
numa manhã do último inverno.

Qualquer um facilmente
se sente incomodado.
O gosto de sódio,
a temperatura da água,
o desconforto matinal.

Ninguém pode fazer 
coisa alguma sobre a
estranha solidão
durante a escovação.

As coisas que você
diz ao espelho
nesses momentos.

It was somewhere
between the first sunray 
breaking into the bedroom
and brushing teeth
one morning last winter.

Anyone can easily get
The taste of sodium, 
the water temperature,
slightly twinge the stomach.

No one can stop
brushing teeth
from being 

The things you
tell the mirror then.


  1. This one cuts deep - as does most of what you write.

    Despair cannot prevent the daily necessities from recurring, and only the mirror knows our secret pain. I get it - but am so admiring of how you say it: you show rather than tell.

  2. Despido de artifícios, o poema diz-se.


  3. I wish you rain and love, dear special poetic soul.

  4. Poema para uma manhã qualquer... em qualquer lugar... com qualquer humor...
    Sigo com vc.

  5. LOL ... I like the way you've examined the psychology behind this simple daily act. Funny how you see it as lonely and confession, while I see it as a reprieve ... perhaps the only time I'm alone the entire day.

  6. It's been a long time since I last read you on Monday Toads.quite a miss that.
    as always, this was captures so vividly the loneliness and despair of the speaker.and the picture also spoke a thousand words.

  7. "It was somewhere
    between the first sunray
    breaking into the bedroom
    and brushing teeth
    one morning last winter."

    Brilliant setting: place and time always recurring and the same action, though at some time the number of players may change.

  8. TMI her but one of my favorite things is to watch my wife brush her teeth.....I find it quite sexy. Sorry. You have a way of making the the every day a marvel of tactile sensation and emotional fullness. Awesome.

  9. You have made me understand brushing my teeth in an unexpected way. Yes, it is darned lonely. And I spend so much time doing it, for my few remaining teeth, hee hee.

  10. Estranho, vou me pegar dizendo poesias ao espelho ao escovar a manhã!

  11. So true, Kenia, the things our mirrors see. Beautifully written, with an unexpected ending.


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