Tuesday, March 18, 2014


(image by Güven Ceylan)

Não era o meu desejo
que partisse sem resposta 
ao soluço dos dias.
Contou-os todos com tanto cuidado.

Fez melhor uso 
dos calendários 
do que das manhãs,
perdeu o riso 
dos primeiros pássaros,

manteve a distância segura de qualquer apego.
Os pés escreveram estradas de silêncio
pelas quais hoje segue,
senhor de sua verdade e acertos.

It wasn't my wish
that he left without an answer
to the hiccups of days.
He counted them all so carefully.

He made a better use of calendars
than of mornings,
he lost the laughter
of the first birds,

he kept safe distance from any attachment.
His feet wrote roads of  solitude
along which he walks now
a master of his truth and correction.


  1. I'm always excited to see one of your numbered poems appearing in my dashboard blogroll. It is one of my all-time favourite blog places.

    It seems so sad to make better use of calendars than living in the morning itself. That is a very telling statement in your character sketch of someone who must be lonely in his solitude. But maybe not. Some people choose that road and live it all their lives.

  2. Quem evita apegos parte sem bagagem.

  3. Quem evita apegos parte sem bagagem...

  4. parte

    mas não vai inteiro

    abs mana


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