Thursday, June 16, 2011


(image by Melissa)

As coisas que vão
me fazer crescer mais alto
que árvores
eu ainda não conheço.

Gosto de ser pequeno
de me esconder no seu cabelo
de caber no seu bolso,
no seu abraço.

Things which will
make me grow
above trees
I haven't been
introduced to them yet.

I'm fine with being small
with hiding among your curls
with fitting your pocket,
your embrace.


  1. Lindo! Leve como uma pétala a valsear no vento!
    Saudade, abraço!

  2. Mesmo grande a gente ainda cabe num bom abraço. Lindo kenia! Beijos

  3. parabéns Kenia ... de Lisboa envio um grande abraço,


  4. Exquisite, Kenia! I, too, am fine with being small, with being almost invisible. What a treat it is to read such wonderful thoughts.

  5. Incrível, como não poderia deixar de ser.

  6. o maior amor
    sabe se ajeitar

    abs, Kenia

  7. Lovely. I can feel the longing of the being to grow about the trees and its contentment with staying in a pocket. The paradox effect come out very well.
    I Have a small suggestion concerning the first stanza-
    "Things which will
    make me grow
    above trees
    I haven't been
    introduced to them yet."
    I think a pause at the end of the third line would enhance the effect of the entire stanza.
    I hope i've not offended you

  8. Well penned. It is brilliant that your poetry bilingual.

  9. I like the ambivalence in the balancing between growth and stability


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