Sunday, August 7, 2011


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Quando é outono e eu

saio para uma caminhada longa
espero que você me encontre.

Céu de baunilha
o vento brinca com as folhas das árvores
e olho da minha imagem refletida
na água para a estrada à frente.

Eu sei que você caminha devagar,
mas pela primeira vez em anos
meu coração está tranquilo.

When it's autumn and I
go for long walks alone
I don't expect anyone
to find me but you.

Orange sky
the wind blows leaves off trees
I look from my reflected image
in the water to the path before me

I know
you walk slowly
but for the first time in years
my heart is calm.


  1. A beautiful poem!

  2. I like it! Thanks for your thoughts today.

  3. Eu já cansei de caminhar, porque eu sei que ele nunca vai me encontrar. Ele nem sequer deu o primeiro passo.

    Espero um dia que meu coração fique como o teu...tranquilo.

  4. What a beautiful, peaceful scene of love. Bravo!

  5. I don't expect anyone to find me but you... How this line added a very warm human dimension to the Autumnal scene.

    Please feel free to share a poem, old or new, on the open link at Real Toads:

  6. So beautiful. I love the calm heart at the end, indicating trust. Lovely.

  7. this has a wonderful feel to it...set in my fav time of year...and nice to have someone to be there...

  8. I also love the atmosphere of this poem-- the wistful longing and contentment.

  9. I don't expect anyone
    to find me but you.

    -These lines make me think of a couple so close that they will meet even without prearranging a place and time.

  10. What a lovely autumn walk. Very serene poem. Autumn will soon be here.

  11. there is a peace about this that makes me sigh into a daydream.

  12. ...this was a fascinating write.. very appealing to both heart and mind.. though i am glad you had those words translated in english i, by heart, still appreciate the one written in native tongue - elegant. Thank for the poem!(:

  13. Such a lovely ending to a beautifully constructed poem!

  14. Hi - i reverted to my true id - it felt weird having a pseudonym....

    I adore your writing style it translates so well too.

    So much personality pervades softly with evey note just perfect.

    clareza e beleza em cada palavra.

  15. I don't know Spanish, but it's very nice in English!

  16. Yes, when we reach those peaceful moments. Yes.

    Sí, esos momentos de paz (fascinación).

  17. The painting is wonderful like your poem. Usually autumn is connected to loss, but this seems to be a different, blissful path : )

  18. A reflection in water - an image of loneliness.
    But there is in loneliness the promise of communion, of love. A reflection in water shattered by a stone.

    Sad and full of hope; also: beautiful, Kenia.


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