Tuesday, August 30, 2011


(image by Julie de Waroquier)

Eles têm tudo escrito
e sabem exatamente
como vai acontecer.

Publicaram trabalhos científicos
sobre vidas poéticas
mortes trágicas
verdades incompreensíveis.

Eles dizem que vou morrer
por minhas próprias mãos.

Porque sou uma escritora.
Por causa da minha escolha de pronomes.
Por causa de mecanismos
na minha cabeça.

Eles dizem que vou morrer
como Sylvia,
como Anne,
como Virgínia,
Como Alejandra.

Mas eu vou morrer
como a mulher que sou.

They have it all determined
They know exactly how it will happen.
They’ve published scientific papers on poetical lives,
tragic deaths,
incomprehensible truths.

They say I’ll die by my own hands.

Because I’m a woman writer
Because of my pronoun choice
Because of something inside my head
they cannot tell or

They say I’ll die
like Sylvia,
like Anne,
like Virginia,
like Alejandra.

But I’ll die like myself.

(posted to dVerse)


  1. This is thought provoking. Yes, many women poets did commit suicide.......BUT many more did not! Each of us will die in our own way, that is one sure thing.

  2. Excellent poem. You will live to be old and happy with your loved ones around you.

  3. don't die. that is all.
    oh and also xo

  4. sejamos íntegros até na hora da morte :) espetacular!


  5. great piece...dont let the numbers or nay sayers tell you how to live...or die...

  6. Se morrermos tendo honrado toda a nossa vontade de ser, já é o quanto basta. Adorei flor!

  7. Excellent poem and please do not die that would be so sad

  8. Live how you want and screw the rest of them, very nice piece!

  9. Like yourself and not for a long time yet, eh? Good poem!

  10. YES!!!! i just loved this...dying like myself...living like myself...yes

  11. In love with your blog! Your writing is captivating! Haunting. That's good stuff!

  12. Most female poets die like everybody else -- in bizarre laundry accidents, getting hit by clocks on the head, and from heart attacks when they are outbid at shoe auctions.

    So I've heard! :)

    Great last line in this!

  13. Well plenty didn't die that way - not Emily, not Gwendolyn Brooks, not Maya Angelou, not Willa Cather; craziness is not inherent in artists - From Whitman to Wallace Stevens, Jane Austen to Toni Morrison we are made of bold, assured and spun steel. We will live our lives, we will sort through the debris, and we will create as long as we take breath and have a way to communicate! Live! Hope! Survive! Endure!

  14. PS Maya Angelou is not dead - but believe me she won't nor will Toni Morrison. These are women who get it and aren't riding the roller coaster of bi-polar disorder.

  15. Mesmo porque eles vão esperar não estarmos aqui para julgar.

  16. todos morremos
    mas o que escrevemos...

    abs Kenia

  17. Como a mulher que és, em todo mistério e força que está por trás (ou declarado) em tua poética.

    Lindo texto, moça!



  18. Dentro dessa mulher
    o mistério das coisas
    finge dormir."

    Um beijo!

  19. Olá! Adorei seu blog, muito criativo! Também tenho um blog e gostaria que vc desse uma olhada. O endereço é: http://www.criticaretro.blogspot.com/ Passe por lá! Lê ^_^

  20. http://ondadagalera.blogspot.com/p/selo-na-onda-da-galera.html SELO PARA VC!

  21. Bravo, Kenia! Science always leaves the individual out of its equations, and that's why I have no use for science.

  22. Que final de impacto! Que sejamos nós mesmo e não nos importamos com o que dizem. Sejamos e vivamos nossa vida, escrevamos nossos versos e se formos embora que seja notado que se fez o que se desejava realmente. Sábias palavras! =)

    Boa Noite!
    Abraços Poeta!

  23. For a long time I was hesitant about using the pronoun I in my writing. I have to laugh. Those who don't use the pronoun you should be worried.

  24. love the confidence in you.
    well done.

  25. In the scheme of things I think more women poets lived...and those that died had a few more problems than pronoun usage. Great poem and live well!

  26. I love this... such a profound piece :-)


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