Monday, December 5, 2011


(image by Simon)

Cresci um centímetro hoje
antes da entrada do sol
em sagitário
e todas as surpresas.

Fechei os olhos e num único fôlego
desejei ver as pessoas mais devagar,
desejei ser eu mesma e vê-las
em retratos daguerreótipos.

Contei os anos
nos tijolos nas minhas paredes:
elas estão caindo
e ainda não consigo tocar meus sonhos
- mas estou crescendo.

I grew up a centimeter
at some point today,
between the sun
entering saggitarius
and the surprises.

I closed my eyes and on a lungful of air
I wished not to see people so fast,
to be myself and see them as they are,
in daguerreotype portraits.

I counted years
in the bricks of my walls:
they're falling down,
I still can't touch my dreams
- but I'm growing up.

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  1. always, your mind stretches up into the most astounding places.


  2. Só sei dizer que este poema é maravilhoso.
    Uma construção diária e sempre cuidada.

  3. Just beautiful, Kenia..the incremental growth to maturity, second by second, when we'd far rather remain innocent and young.

  4. Every line of this was a delicious treat for my mind!

  5. Eis um belo presente, muito belo. Crescemos algumas vivências e aprendizados por ano


  6. nice...dreams will come...just keep growing...interesting with the bricks coming down...

  7. So true as we grow our desires do as well. Oh and technically you are taller when you wake up then when you go to sleep..haha

  8. I like how you put Sagittarius and surprises together, and the idea that how we really are is in daguerreotypes (a beautiful mouthful of a word).

  9. A creative take on growing up..your opening lines are specially interesting ~

  10. Kenia, I think I am already 'grown up' and I still cannot touch my dreams. They are always just out of reach. I think they are even for the very old too. That is why they are dreams. Your poem was good, thought provoking. They always are!

  11. Beautiful lyricism in this poem. No need to grow up too fast, nor reach one's dreams.


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