Friday, December 9, 2011


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Quando eu encontrar
o meu lugar no universo.

vou guardar uma parede para você:
as cartas de amor que me escreveu
vão cobri-la.

Os postais,
os cartões de natal,
as anotações em guardanapos,
a foto de você usando óculos engraçados.

Num canto no chão,
a caixinha de música vai tocar
nossa canção há muito perdida
e a bailarina que eu não fui
vai dançá-la para você.

When I find my place in the universe
I'll save a wall for you,
the love letters you wrote will cover it.

The postcards,
the christmas cards,
the notes written on napkins,
the photo of you
wearing funny glasses.

On the floor in a corner,
the music box will play our song
long lost and forgotten and
the ballerina I wasn't will dance it
for you.

(Here's the ballerina I wasn't)
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  1. This just has the perfect tone...mystic? Is that it?

  2. I suppose that wall already exists inside you.

  3. The ballerina I wasn't... very powerful line. Very thoughtful poem!

  4. Lovely, sad, and so well written.

  5. Guardarei tudo em uma caixa de sapatos.

  6. Sempre lindo os seus versos...Nunca posso deixar de ler o que você escreve, pois sempre é muito bom mesmo! =D

    Bjo :*
    Boa Noite!

  7. Beautiful, Kenya. A wall for someone sounds beautiful. Truthfully, I have done that, so my experience is first hand.

  8. pelas paredes
    bailas-te com as palavras

    abração mana

  9. always so beautifully understated and gracious
    always so refreshing to read :)

  10. awh! sighhhhhh!!!!!!!! I love coming here and reading your words!!! ♥


  11. So beautiful and touching. Well written! I can picture you, the ballerina.

  12. ok you had me feeling all good with the son just coverd a wall in his room with football cards so it was real to me...but the bellerina i wasn't is like a cold slap there at the end...nice...

  13. A touch of mourning, a touch of love, and a lot of power in the dancing vision of your words. When I find my place...a journey we all know.

  14. I just mentioned that same music box dancer in another comment this evening...poetic synchronicity? :) Truly enjoyed the piece, and have an idea now for my own wall!

  15. Beautiful and haunting, but I loved it~
    I want a wall, with sentiment and touching words! I loved the ballerina image!

  16. Worthy of applause. Looking for the next.


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