Thursday, June 21, 2012


(image by Lina)

Nas pequenas horas
antes de entregar-te
ao sono
saiba quem são os teus.

Te reservam as estrelas
na varanda
e os maiores sorrisos.

Incluiram-te sem aviso
nos melhores sonhos
e planos.

Nas pequenas horas
saiba quem você é
e não te esqueças disso.

Canta tua verdade
aos vagalumes, 
eles se escondem

mas virão se souberem
de ainda haver homens
com este teu brilho nos olhos.

In the small hours,
before sleep
takes over you,
search your mind for
your beloved ones.

They organize the stars
in the sky for you
wearing their biggest smiles.

They've included you
in their best dreams
and plans without notice.

In the small hours,
get to know who you are
and don't you ever forget it.

Sing your truth
to the fireflies,
they are hiding

but they'll come
if they find out
about eyes this bright.

(To my cousin Antônio, on the occasion of his birthday)


  1. This has immediately shot to the top of my list of all-time favourite poems of yours. It taps into that invisible web of interconnectedness of souls with the simple beauty of your words.

  2. mesmo em solidão
    somos todos nossos abraços e sorrisos

    poema porreta Kenia

    bjs mana


    perdi o fôlego, acho que engoli um vagalume.


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