Friday, November 11, 2011


(image by Becky)

Você vai de porta em porta
vestindo o seu melhor sorriso
e oferece uma variedade de
frasquinhos do amor capaz
de curar o mundo de suas mazelas.

Sentada no meu canto,
eu te observo e
me pergunto se
quando a noite cai
e você volta cansado pra casa,

não gostaria de ter guardado
um pouco para si próprio?

You walk from door to door
wearing your best smile and
offer a choice of love in tiny
bottles said to cure the world
of all sorts of misery.

I sit in my corner and watch
you. And I wonder: when the
moon is up and you crawl back
home, don't you wish you had
kept some love for yourself?


  1. I sit in my corner and watch... the classic viewpoint of the poet as she undresses the world. You have such an eye for the human condition, and the ability to put it into words.

  2. Ha! As greedy as we all are about love and happiness, if this cure worked no one would ever give any of it away; no matter how high the price.

    Kisses :)

  3. Andreas, I love it that when you read me you REALLY read me. <3

  4. One cannot give away what one does not have! This poem speaks reams!

  5. Sim...acho que é por isso que muita gente guarda e se priva de amar demais...deve ser medo de não sobrar nada pra si...

  6. O que "compram" de nós, não é exatamente o que "vendemos".

  7. i want to say i know someone like this who gives and gives and shudders alone at night but then i think this might only be hope.


  8. Just wanted to stop by and thank you for reading my poem The Widow and for the kind words you left me.

    I have visited your blog many times, I often am left speechless at your words. I aspire to one day write as well as you. So, to comment I believe would not offer any justice to the actual genius of your verse. You are so clever!
    Happy to be able to read you, and always look forward to more!

  9. WOW! Need I say more? Reading your poetry inspires me so don't ever stop!


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