Monday, November 14, 2011


(Hydra Constellation - image in

Deitada no escuro,
cubro o rosto imortal
para que não me percebam o choro.

Quem pode lidar com os pensamentos
quando se tem uma centena de cabeças?

Lutei com monstros que não
podia vencer por um lugar
entre as estrelas onde os seus olhos
pudessem me alcançar nas noites claras.

I lie awake in the dark blue
covering my one pair of immortal eyes
so nobody will see me crying.

Who can deal with thoughts
when one has a hundred heads?

I fought monsters I couldn't defeat
for a place among the stars where
your eyes could meet me in the bright nights.


  1. Oh I like this, Kenia. It's like my Zodiac poems:) Full of the loneliness of the stars and through them, us. x

  2. This is absolutely beautiful. It is excellently written and I can so relate to this.
    Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you. Procrastination is my biggest (or maybe my second biggest) flaw. Thank you for the words of encouragement you left on my blog. It's responses like yours that keep me going! I too am following you now (my phone wouldn't let me so I had to wait for computer access) and I so look forward to reading your work!!

  3. nice deep mystical poem to get me started this morning - thanks KC!

  4. Pior que estranhos, não nos conhecemos.

  5. Totalmente estranhos...

    Preciso compartilhar esse texto...tá lindo demais guria! =))

    Beijos daqui da lua

  6. How unusual to read the hydra's monologue. I found it very touching in its loneliness.

  7. Esquecemos que podemos acabar em outros hemisfério.

  8. Monsters I couldn't defeat, it turned out they revealed to be men...


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