Sunday, March 18, 2012


(image by Shanyn Silinski)

Caminhamos para longe
por estradas diferentes -
começo a esquecer o teu rosto.

Vez ou outra uma lembrança 
e um sorriso de outra época
me fazem desejar que tivéssemos 
pontos de fuga

- tantas 
as coisas em que 
não pensamos antes.

Where we go is far,
we grow apart -
I start to forget your face.

When a memory of old days
brings me forth to a laughter of spring,
I wish we had vanishing points.

So many the things we
could have thought of

(Posted to the Real Toads Sunday Challenge


  1. Very well done, love how you put so much into so few words...bella!

  2. Sometimes one doesn't think of things until it is too late: fact of life! I enjoyed your poem.

  3. Ah, yes, thinking of things beforehand. So thoughtfully written. A lovely work!

  4. But we don't usually, or so it seems to me. I enjoyed this very much.

  5. A bit sad, but beautifully written. There it is again, the third conditional ;-) These painful could-haves, would-haves and should-haves ...

  6. I can relate to this. It brings to mind a particular friend whose face I didn't think I'd (want to) forget. Really great piece Kenia!

  7. Beautifully done! I love the last stanza.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful!
    This is a poem I would come back to read more than once.

  9. So lovely, Kenia... strong and powerful ending.

  10. Wonderful, Kenia. I so love your ability to write in two languages. The phrase "laughter of spring" is delightful.

  11. i love the very precise sound work in the first stanza of the english version

    Where we go is FAR,
    we grow apART -
    I stART to forget your FAce.

    this is lovely -- after the rhymes on far, apart,start, and go, grow, the falling echo of far / face, not quite a rhyme, is heartbreaking in its intimation of forgetting ...

    "beforehand" isolated as a lingering thought, regretful, lightly grieving ...

    and i am interested in the choices taking place between the two versions -- the english is much more explicit about a sorrow that is mostly implied in the portuguese ... thank you for the opportunity to travel between the two ...

    excellent, really :-)

  12. Sad yet insightful
    I love " laughter of spring".
    Makes me smile

  13. This is so sweetly, achingly beautiful.

  14. Beautifully written.
    un abrazo.

    I like the photo very much.

  15. Very nice...I like laughter of spring and vanishing points ~


  16. This picture stirred your introspective thoughts.. and your poem made me look inwards too. I wonder how many people have forgotten my face, as our lives diverged.

  17. The first stanza does a beautiful job setting this up and I like the poetic sadness of the face slowly being forgotten....

  18. pontos de fuga
    pontos de encontro
    tantos, não é mesmo Kenia?

    abração mana

  19. Há um mundo inteiro do que não vivemos.

  20. Caminhos e estradas - sempre mais importantes do que "cheganças", são as "andanças"... né não?
    Linda escrita Kenia...


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