Friday, March 9, 2012


(image by Joshua Tagicakibau)

Essa garota aqui
gostaria de escapar de sua própria cabeça
num balão de ar quente.

Gostaria de ser amiga 
de um homem em cujo coração
coubessem o universo e o seu sorriso.

Ela seria a dona de nuvens fofas,
um pote de ar rarefeito
e os olhos mais felizes.

Sonhos assim rapidamente são destruídos.

This girl wishes
she could escape her mind
in a hot air balloon

she wishes she were friends
with a man whose heart could
fit the universe and her smile.

She would own the fluffy clouds,
a pot of thin air
and the happiest eyes.

It's so suddenly such dreams are finished.


  1. A girl wishes for wings, but your hands would do.
    She wishes for a chariot, but a beat up truck and you
    blows away the Saturday night blues.

    A girl longs for words strung beautifully in an unique combination
    A glance that lingers in utter fascination
    But the silence of the night, with you by her side,
    Soothes her unstrung nerves

    A girl might want a thousand different things,
    And yet it is you, with all your quirky imperfections that gives,
    Her the satisfaction that no poem, no imagination can ever bring!

    You are her spring!

    An impromptu outpouring.. hope you dont mind!

    1. You know they say words can save lives? Thanks for yours. <3

  2. Que lindo teu site! Vc é muito talentosa!Parabéns.
    Vem conhcer meu blog. Opine:

  3. so beautifully written! we think we hold the universe in our hands... and just then, the bubble pops

  4. beautiful... beautiful... beautiful!!!

  5. A good reminder that we should enjoy each moment as it comes.

  6. Truly an inspirational piece with a killer last line....when you least expect it, the universe sends you your dream order FedEx overnight so tha by 10 the next morning you can fly. Great writing.

  7. This girl wishes pretty much the same things...

  8. Love this bit of dream and happiness ~

    Happy day ~


  9. A beautiful poem.
    Beautiful hopes.
    Thanks for posting this.

  10. So beautiful! Owning the thin air, having the happiest eyes - and then the sad line about how suddenly such dreams are finished. Poignant, kiddo. Fortunately, after a time, those dreams begin again:)

  11. A realidade que é fraca não o sonho.

  12. you just about summed up the state of my soul 84% of the time.
    this in particular was... whew... 'whose heart could fit the universe and her smile.' who knew that was such a tall order? i have a few theories on this. none of which are in the least bit helpful, of course. or which allow the dreams a life extending beyond the last page.

    beautiful, kenia.

  13. Dreamlike, beautiful, poignant - such talent I admire. - Mosk

  14. Beautiful, wistful, and painfully true on the brevity of dreams as perfect as this one.

  15. My Portuguese is a little rusty...thanks for the English translation.


    Mark Butkus

  16. ugh, this hot air balloons, so fre and at the whim of the winds...a man big enough for the universe and your smile is a great line as well...and sadly so fleeting...

  17. wonderful - truly a delight to read and imagine in flux - lovely :)

  18. This is good, really good, in both languages.

  19. This is so sad, yet filled with a winning innocence. I wouldn't say this is something that always happens. I believe one can adapt to dream and reality and thereby become a more realistic person. This has that sense of sadness coming from facts hard won. Your poem is excellent in transmitting the hopefulness and then its sad demise.

  20. a real balloon ride may be just as refreshing for your mind as a mental one

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