Thursday, March 29, 2012


(image by Kenia Cris)

Não se pergunta às lagartas
se gostariam de
um destino sem asas,
porque lhes cabe
um propósito maior
do que suas vontades.

Há que compreender-lhes
na mudança
as lágrimas e silêncios,

mas não se ouve histórias de
borboletas arrependidas
de abraçar caminhos de vento.

You don't ask a caterpillar
if she would rather have
no wings,
because her fate
is tied to a purpose
higher than her will.

You must undestand
her tears and silence
when faced with change,

though no one hears stories
of butterflies who regretted
embracing life in the wind.

(To my student Maíra Gaio, who's grown to greater heights. It's never easy to abandon the cocoon.)


  1. Coisa mais linda Kenia...
    Linda, linda, linda...
    Já li e reli umas tantas vezes.
    Coisa boa ir dormir com essas palavras...

    1. Que bom que você gostou Ju, obrigada pela doçura do seu comentário! <3

  2. You have such a gift, Kenia. For words, for emotion, for philosophy, for beauty.

    It is such a privilege to be able to read your poetry.

    1. Kerry! Thanks for your kindness and friendship. It's a gret joy to me that we can communicate. Kiss you. <3

  3. oh, kenia, i am so (quietly) excited by this. we are all so intrinsically the caterpillar. we are victim to our nature and our course, and we reap these same griefs and sorrows as benefits and joys.

    (plus your language and form here are perfect, i think, tightly knit and reassuring as a truth.)



  4. Erin, thanks for such a thoughful and lovely comment.

    The last class I taught yesterday didn't happen because one the students came in the room and said she wouldn't be able to finish the course with the rest because she had to put more of her time in studying for the university entrance exams.

    She was crying so much the whole class cried too and there was an awful silence. They had been together for 5 years, they learned to love each other's company, they had so much together and they learned so much about respecting differences. I've been working with teenagers for nearl 13 years, I love to observe the way they change over the years, transforming the way they understand the world around them.

    This girl made me think of what the exact moment we become adults is, and about having no choices whether to grow up or not. You are right, we are instrinsically the caterpillar, we can see that clearly later in life, teenagers can't. Faced with the reality of leaving a cocoon, she cried hard, she never considered what the future holds now she's going to college. She was so afraid the change.

    And because I'm afraid of changes too, but I can think a little further in terms of result, I wrote her this poem. It's never easy to grow up.

    Thanks again beautiful girl. xo

  5. This is first-class writing, parable raised to the power of myth, and I wish to hell I would have written it.

  6. What a beautiful message Kenia. I can so imagine saying this to my daughter one day ~

  7. Todo nós entenderemos nossos destinos?....

  8. Wow, I adore this. Such depth and truth embedded here.

  9. Your poetry is so fresh, really stepping into the space of the caterpillar and making relating it so well to that of the human experience. Well done, Kenia. :)

  10. Incredibly beautiful - both poem and its message. I hope your student reads it, takes a deep breath - and then - flies high.

    p.s. I'll bet your students learned a LOT from this class that didnt happen!

  11. You capture well the adage that though the truth sets us free, it first must make us miserable. Every butterfly hides this in their gossamer wings. Very incisively, insightfully put -- Brendan

  12. yes let's fly. who would regret it? kiss.

  13. This is nothing short of brilliant, Kenia. I have bookmarked it. I want to read it again and again.

  14. mmmmmm...this is supremely divine, I am riding the wind as we speak....or at least trying. You are terribly know that right?

  15. I had NO idea how to "bookmark" and I due to Fireblossom's comment... I figured it out! You are my first "bookmark" in my Bookmark folder "Poetry" :) This is absolutely beautiful and I will read it to my daughters tomorrow.

  16. (i'm so glad you put your note here too:)


  17. A witty and mindful piece. Lovely!

  18. São lindos os seus versos. Parabéns!


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