Wednesday, March 30, 2011


(image by Burçin Esin)

Eu grito com o silêncio,
ele me ignora.

Deitamos juntos no sofá,
estou cansada.

Ele se coloca sobre mim
como um cobertor.

- na primavera me sufoca,
no inverno esconde o meu desamparo.

Isso é o mais perto do amor
que tenho estado.

I yell at silence,
it ignores me.

We lay together on the sofa,
I'm exhausted,

it covers me like a blanket

- in the spring it's suffocating,
in the winter it hides my hopelessness.

It's the closest of love I've been to these days.

(Posted to Thursday Think Thank at Poets United)


  1. You have my empathy :S But the darkest feelings sometimes give birth to the most wonderful words: "I yell at silence. It ignores me."

  2. A touch of mystery...this love.

  3. This makes me sad for the poem's character. She deservse--we all deserve-- closer to love than that.

  4. This makes me sad for the poem's character. She deserves -- we all deserver -- closer to love than that.

  5. I totally understand that !
    Silence has been my love lately :)

  6. I so relate - one of the best relationships I ever had was with a couch. Hee hee. But dont worry - you are young - it all will happen!!

  7. Silence is a lonely lover, indeed...keep yelling at it to go away and free up your heart for real love...:)

    Imagination Lane

  8. Silence is golden at times...your perception is grand....loved your piece xo


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