Sunday, March 6, 2011


(image by Rona Keller)

Quando você partir
o vento vai movimentar
o vazio

ele descansará
sobre os móveis
como poeira

O silêncio
todos os espaços

Meu coração
partido em mil pedaços
não poderá ser colado
com condolências.

When you're gone
the wind will carry
the emptiness

it will settle
over the furniture
like dust

Your absence
occupy the spaces

My heart
broken into thousand small pieces
which won't glue back together
with condolences.

In response to Closing the deal


  1. You did say you were going to write something. I had forgotten.

    Oh, Kenia! What desolation. It's heartbreaking. But it's important we defend the right to be inconsolable.

    The images you use are crystal clear. They can't be ignored, even if our hearts would want to.

  2. Oh what a write about shattered love...shattered to dust and falling throughout ones life to always be revisted...that is nice inspire with you creativing....thank you ...bkm

  3. love it,

    gone with wind, leaving sad it can be..

    keep up the excellence.

  4. Beautifully said though very sad.

  5. Very beautifully expressed.......I especially like the emptiness settling over the furniture like dust. Evocative and sad.

  6. Heart wrenching.
    "When you're gone
    the wind will carry
    the emptiness

    it will settle
    over the furniture
    like dust."
    I like the way you've expressed your grief. The void seems to large to be filled and even superglue can't bring together those pieces.

  7. A beautiful tribute to one gone away, either through death or simple departure. Resonates with emotion

  8. Vai ficar a impressão de que nunca esteve.

  9. Beautiful, Kenia, and heartbreaking! The advent of a great loss does feel that way.


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