Wednesday, June 24, 2009


(My mongrel, Tutti)

Há quem tente atribuir
pedigree aos poetas,
mas a verdade cruel
é que somos todos
uns vira-latas sarnentos.
Devemos nossos latidos
e uivos poéticos à comichão.

Some people try to attribute
pedigree to poets,
but the cruel truth
is that we're all scabby mongrel dogs.
We owe our poetical barking and howling
to the itching.


  1. "Há quem tente atribuir pedigree aos poetas"
    Já eu costumo dizer que todos nós somos poetas e vivemos contando nossas histórias de uma forma leve e que leve alegria e reflexão!

    Boa semana Kenia. Amplexo

  2. Kenia, what a lovely lovely dog!! And your words are more than truth - both my seetheart Swing and Ira are mongrels and I wouldn't change them never ever!
    Your Tutti is sheer beeauty with such a toughtful expression on face:)
    Hugs for both of you!

  3. 'We owe our poetical barking and howling
    to the itching.'

    Yes Indeed!

    i will come back on this later when we chat ...

  4. Great post dear Kenia!
    :-) God bless you

  5. If you liked it then I'm happy. That's how I feel sometimes, when I meet people that think they can write better poetry than the others, and I don't mean me. Poetry is the voice of the soul, each one has its own and it's not our place to judge.

    Love to you, my dearest ones!


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