Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Eu não vou me ocupar
das horas passadas,
não vou mais sentir falta
daquilo que o tempo levou.
Meu coração habita no agora
e é a partir daqui que posso fazer
a diferença.

I won't keep myself busy
with past hours,
I won't miss the things
gone with the time.
My heart dwells in the house of now
and it's from this place that I can
make the difference.


  1. Fabulous poem!
    I loved it a lot!
    :-) Léia

  2. Wow!!
    I love this poem :)
    Its also a very funny picture !!

  3. I am looking at the picture in this post and reading these lines…and the paradoxical nature in her expectations…I mean - she is ‘busy waiting’(I can see that in her leg...some feeling of nervousness...) …but won’t miss the things…(firm in her expectations)
    Yet her heart dwells in ‘the house of now’(her hand held near her heart...) and from ‘this place’( With her face turned looking for someone, yet placed at that place...) she can ‘make the difference’( In fact she does...)

    WOW, I love this…I mean keeping the picture in view when I read it – I feel that intensity in her expectation and that difference…

  4. Thanks you one again for your comments and I wish you good day...This one i liked it really...the reason being it opens doors of imagination...i will talk about imagination, lol it is like pressing the 'delete' button on the mind and looking at things with 'clear slate'...'Tabula rasa'

    Try it!

  5. Léia, always a pleasure to have you over. ;)

    Anya, Happy you liked it. Artists in Deviant Art are amazing. Love.

    Rebeca, Obrigada pela visita! Seja sempre bem-vinda!!!

    Mr. Printemps, I'm happy to hear my lines have made your mind travel :)Whenever it comes toward Brazil, you please let me know, so I can host it. :* Thanks for coming by and leaving your views on my crooked thoughts. All my love. :)

  6. Lindas palavras sobre superação. "A partir daqui" é sempre um grande começo...
    Arte encantadora!

  7. Muito lindo. Vamos fazer a diferença sempre.


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