Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Haiku #6

De mãos dadas e
almas entrelaçadas

Holding hands and
with souls sweetly intertwined,
we walk.


  1. I love the image of the souls as intertwined as the hands.


  2. It's another wonderful photo and haiku. I love the mood of both:)
    Have a nice day (I'm always a bit confused what time is where - here is early afternoon.)

  3. Oi sua lindaaaaa!
    Concordo com a nossa amiga Joo! Esse haiku é perfeito e tocou muito forte meu coraçao aqui!
    obrigada por esse lindo presente para abrilhantar meu dia!

  4. Beautiful shot and
    LOVELY words .........
    You are very good
    to find the right words
    by the picture :)

  5. Janet!!! Thanks for the word! It's exactly what I wanted to say but I didn't know how and I couldn't find it in a bilingual dictionary. I've changed it! Love to you!

    joo, the difference in time is -4 hours from Poland to Brazil, what means in this case, it was afternoon to you but it was still morning to me. Anyway I know what you meant by 'day'. Thanks for coming and reading me. Kisses on your cheeks dear!

    Léia, a idéia é mais forte quando temos alguém com quem compartilhá-la. Fico tão feliz que goste! Beijo carinhoso!

    Anya, It's more the other way around: I come up with the words and then I try to find the picture that is going to translate them. :) How I wish I the pictures were mine... Have a great day cutie!


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