Monday, June 15, 2009


(via Deviant Art)

Corto fora palavras
que não serão poemas
nem canções.
Da mesma forma,
alguém maior do que eu
escreve a minha sorte.
Um dia vou saber a que vim.
Por hora, permaneço um mistério.

I cut off words
that won't make it for poems
or songs.
Someone bigger than me
writes my fortune the same way.
Someday I'll discover
what I'm here for.
By now, I'm still a mystery.


  1. It is very human to be in search of our purpose; getting there is half the fun!

  2. Hi Kenia
    Wonderful words,
    it makes my day............

  3. My dear Kenia!
    Your words bring light and wisdom as usually !
    Many thanks for sharing this lovely post!

  4. This is humility Kenia! I liked it!


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