Tuesday, June 23, 2009


As crianças são
do tamanho de sua imaginação.
Os adultos infelizmente
preferem adotar
sistemas mais racionais de medidas.

Children are
as big as their imagination.
Adults prefer
to adopt more rational
measurement systems sadly.


  1. Espero que a criança que existe dentro do meu coraçao nunca cresça!
    Suas palavras são perfeitas!
    obrigada minha linda!
    Tenha um lindo dia!

  2. Thank you for the reminder. Peter Pan had it right!

  3. I always loved NOT to go to school...left alone ...sometime I am at the top of the plumeria tree, smelling those sweet seductive fragrance and yet as innocent as its ‘whites’…

    As I strolled through the narrow path in the forest …a 8 ft Snake right in front of me with its lustrous beauty…she never ever fanged me…but at school they teach me all the wrongs things about nature…and make my life miserable and make this planet a mess!


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