Friday, July 10, 2009


A vida é comum
aos homens,
aos sapos,
às flores,
às árvores,
às borboletas,
às gotas de chuva.
Tudo se resume a ciclos.

Life is pretty much the same
to men,
drops of rain.
It's all about cycles.


  1. Another great reflection.

    Are you inspired by art - does the picture create the words in your head? Or do you have the words and find the picture to match?

  2. Jan, thanks again for coming and spreading your love! Answering your question: I have pictures in my mind, they create the words, and then I have to find real pictures to match them, and I've been quite a lucky girl to find them in Deviant Art! First the thoughts, then the images. I do believe it's somehow easier for my readers to understand my crooked poems and relate to them. All my love, dear friend!

  3. Your words and your picture
    is WONDERFUL :)
    Puuurfect !!

  4. Interessante pensar assim!
    Também me lembra "o mundo de sofia" HAHAAHAHH
    das aulas do Alberto!
    Acho que fui também fui um pouco aluna dele..
    Um beijO!


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