Tuesday, September 13, 2011


(image by G-R-E-T-A)

Ganhou e perdeu
guerras de balões d'água
a criança que eu fui.

Risos eram
os espólios que todos
carregavam para casa.

Lost and won
water balloon battles,
the child I once was.

Laughs were assets
everyone could
carry home.


  1. Loved the bi-lingual bit! And the fact that you managed to get a lot of layers into very few words! Well done! Great write!

  2. 'Laughs were assets everyone could carry home.' What a great line!

  3. Water balloons were such fun, hurt if they didn't pop though.

  4. So true, so nostalgic. I love this!

  5. Been too long since I stopped by, kenia--and glad I did. This does such a good job of showing that total joy you get as a child; it's the best thing in the world to carry home, and now I get to do that.

  6. Lovely Kenia, I needed the lightness of your being today. Thank you!

  7. smiles. yes they were wonderful spoils of war...i miss those times...

  8. Muy bien captada la niñez. Precioso.
    Un abrazo

  9. Awesome. I do remember water balloon fights. Like your second stanza very much. :)

  10. why is it hard for us to remember to laugh and giggle and squeal?

    so nice to be reading you again
    Isabel x

  11. Great write. I love the "Laughs were assets" bit. Makes me long for my childhood.

  12. Life should always be full of laughter and we should never forget how to laugh

  13. Tem uma música que diz: "Jogo de criança, não acaba zero a zero.."

  14. So lovely......"laughs.....everyone could carry home." Fabulous!

  15. Seu poema só trouxe algumas das minhas memórias mais felizes da infância de volta .... Balões de água foram, literalmente, a "bomba!" Estamos habituados a ter palhas especial chamado de ervilha-atiradores também, e iria atirar ervilhas um para o outro em pequenas batalhas. Um pouco mais áspero do que os balões ... Eu posso ver claramente o rosto de todos os meus amigos de infância agora ... obrigado por essa lembrança doce ...

    Your poem just brought some of my happiest memories back from childhood.... Water balloons were literally the "bomb!" We used to have special straws called pea-shooters too, and would shoot peas at one another in little battles. A little rougher than the balloons... I can clearly see the faces of all my childhood friends right now... thank you for that sweet little memory...

  16. well done on the image.

    You’ve got superb talent in creative writing,
    Keep it up.

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    It is great to write and entertain our children,
    Don’t you agree?

    Give it a try,
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    Happy Autumn!


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