Saturday, January 29, 2011


(image by Kim Parent)

Gosto de ver famílias
fazendo coisas juntas.

Estudo seus rostos
e movimentos
com interesse singular

Penso como será
eu tiver a minha própria família:

Cinco crianças
quatro cachorros
brincando juntos no quintal,
brigando uns com outros,
ganhando abraços,
mordidas e
joelhos escalavrados
crescendo juntos
cercados de amor.

I like watching families
doing things together.

I study their faces
and movements
with singular interest.

I think of how amazing
it will be for me
when I have my own family:

Five children
Four big dogs
playing in the yard,
fighting one another,
getting bitten

still growing up in love,
all together.

("Safe in a thought of the future", for Sunday Scribblings)

Inspired by Andreas's poem Playing in the snow


  1. Fighting and loving are part of the same soul.
    Oddly enough. And then we're a heart playful, lost in our playfulness. I love all the love in this.

  2. Também amo sonhar com a família que vou construir... é mesmo um sonho bom esse!

  3. [e as melhores de todas as bússolas, que tenho da minha (mais pequena, mas enorme família) e me orientam em qualquer ponto cardeal: os sorrisos, os abraços, as palavras que se gravam, com gratidão]

    um imenso abraço,

    Leonardo B.

  4. 'getting bitten, hugged, bruised'..what wonderful words..beautiful poetry - I only wish I could appreciate it in both languages..Jae :)

  5. A beautiful poem. I could understand about half of the first one, so I was glad for the translation.

  6. Your poem is simple, your dream is simple, your poem is loving, your dream in loving

  7. I love the gentle idea behind the poem, You did an amazing job of expressing the sentiment,

  8. i liked the idea of our dreams for the future being a safe place :)

  9. a beautiful dream for the future... indeed protecting.

    I'm glad I dropped by :)

  10. Very nice. My family also includes those with 4 legs and 2 so I can relate!

  11. Here's to hugs and tugs!

  12. So much hearts in a single family...

  13. How did I not s this. It's beautiful sweetie, but 5 kids? Are you nuts? Lol I have two, and it's a lot of noise but I wouldn't change it for the world.

    Kisses from Wales x

  14. it is a wonderful feeling to imagine a safe, loved and lovable future! :) very nice poem..

    mine is here:

  15. Kenia,

    I was tempted to accept the poetry just on the grounds of what my (poor) Portuguese pronunciation would have it sound!

    The translation helped.




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